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Reflexology is the technique of applying gentle pressure to the reflexes on the feet in order to stimulate the body's own healing process and to promote a sense of well being.

Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing treatment which helps relieve stress, which is known to cause at least 70% of all illness.

Reflexology may help conditions such as :- Stress, insomnia, menstrual problems, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, respiratory problems, constipation, fertility, pregnancy, digestive problems, hay fever, sinusitis, sciatica, lack of energy and depression.

Reflexology also helps to: Relieve pain, stimulate immune function, clear toxins and waster products, balance the mind, body and spirit, stimulate nerve impulses to the brain, deeply relax and relieve tension and stress, encourage the body to heal current disorders, improve cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation.